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100% Hero Dragon Ring

Rearing Pose Dragon Ring

Standing Dragon Figure


Merlin's Dragon Ring

This was the first major prop we did for a movie, and boy was it a whopper. We actually worked through a prop-house, but got in at the very early point of concept sketches. We build several versions of the dragon (one with 2 legs, one with 2 sets of wings, etc.). It is great to have the input from a concept artist on a character, but it is our job to flesh-out what is really possible in metal and what is realistic to wear. In this case the tail wrapping around the finger was an issue that we needed to workout and show our expertise.

This is a very complicated model, and had to be constructed in 12 pieces: 1. head, 2. right head wing, 3. left head wing, 4. right arm, 5. left arm, 6. right leg, 7. left leg, 8. tail (shank), 9. body, 10. neck, 11. back armor to cover stone, 12. stone (which was molded and cast in resin).

We also built this model in 3 poses: 1. the ring that was worn that wrapped around the finger, 2. the dragon rearing up off of the finger, and 3. a standing figure.

And because the ring had to be worn by a Dave as a child, and then grew with him, we had 2 separate sizes to pull that off. And then we did a really large one for close-ups.

When we began work on this job, we had no idea that the dragon would have such a prominent role. By the time it filmed, the dragon had actually become a character in the film. It was really gratifying to see our ring get CGed and come to life on the screen. The used the pieces we made as key-frames for the animation.

Abigail's Pentagram Pendant

We also madel the pendant worn by Abigail, the withch. It is a really traditional pentagram design.